iTunes Match now in beta, includes music streaming

Apple has begun testing iTunes Match with a limited portion of the Apple developer community. The service, which scans your library and provides 256 Kpbs copies of the tracks it finds for download on up to 10 devices, also includes music streaming, according to early reports.

One reason Apple isn’t sweating the prospect of iTunes Match piracy

Apple’s iTunes Match has been accused of opening the door for piracy, but that’s probably not something Apple’s concerned about. Match will still make Apple money, and its other digital content marketplace, the App Store, may quickly become the primary breadwinner anyway.

Report: Convenience means iTunes users will pay for iTunes Match

Though some iCloud functionality is already available to iTunes users, the paid iTunes Match service doesn’t launch until fall. But a new report suggests there will be ample demand when it does arrive, and convenience, not a desire to skirt the law, is driving interest.

iTunes Match and iCloud: Pirate reward or anti-theft measures?

iTunes Match, and its ability to deliver high-quality DRM-free versions of music in your library to all your iOS, Mac and PC devices via iCloud seems like a reward for music piracy. But it might also be a way of getting back what once was lost.