T-Mobile adds 14 music apps that don’t count against data caps

On Monday, T-Mobile added several new music apps to its list of Music Freedom services, including Google Play Music and SoundCloud. The program allows users to stream music from various services without data usage counting against subscribers’ monthly data allotments.

Pandora gives up on law to reform music royalty rates

Pandora pushed for a law to equal the playing field when it comes to the rates that different types of radio service must pay to license content, but it came up short. The outcome could hurt the service when its current contracts expire in 2015.

Apple’s radio debut will feel a lot like… radio

Apple radio arrives in September – but it will come with fast food ads and playlists of the company’s choosing, much like old FM radio. Users can avoid the ads if they sign up for the company’s cloud music service.

Why Apple needs iTunes Radio

Halfway through this year, digital song sales are actually down 2.3 percent: 682.2 million in 2013, versus 698 million a year ago. Meanwhile, digital streams of music are up 24 percent.