How Apple is replacing Macs with iPads at school

On Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook declared that the adoption of the iPad by educational institutions was “unlike anything I’ve seen in technology.” It’s not just a cheaper iPad 2 that’s driving record K-12 iPad sales, but Apple’s total education apps package.

Hands on with Apple’s iTunes U: An education

In university, I used a single clipboard/portfolio to store my notes from every class, then mostly piled the day’s work on the floor according to subject matter. Apple’s iTunes U app makes keeping track of course material ridiculously easy compared to my days of academic foraging.

iTunes U doubles downloads in last year alone

Chalk up another victory for the halo effect of Apple’s iOS devices: the company’s iTunes U service doubled its overall downloads during the last year alone, adding more than 300 million downloads for a total of over 600 million since the service’s introduction in 2007.

Everyone can always go back to school with iTunes U

The truly unique gem of iTunes is not its music, movies, television, books, podcasts or apps. It’s the collection university lecture series on iTunes U. With more than 350,000 lectures from more than 800 institutions, there’s definitely something out there for everyone to learn.

iTunes U Passes 300 Million Downloads Milestone

Apple’s tooting its own horn again, and this time it’s to the tune of 300 million downloads for iTunes U, the service that allows iTunes account holders to download lectures and other educational materials from various academic institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, MIT and more.

iTunes U: Learning Wherever You Are

iTunes U Splash

iTunes U (iTunes Link), part of the iTunes Store, is an amazing venue for top-notch educational content from the world’s greatest universities, institutions, museums and other public educational foundations. From language lessons to audiobooks to lectures and more, iTunes U is a great place for those who love to learn. With the release of iTunes 9, Apple (s aapl) has put an even bigger spotlight on this great content by featuring it prominently inside the application.

When iTunes U first launched, many of the top universities, such as Stanford, Cambridge and Carnegie Mellon, jumped onboard to provide engaging content. As the original institutions first began producing content for the free service, some implemented their content as podcasts that would download into the “Podcasts” section of iTunes whereas others would implement their content so it would download in the “Music” section.¬†Furthermore, as more engaging content was added to the service, it became problematic to keep this content organized. Some universities would automatically create playlists for their content, and others would just create multiple podcasts. Read More about iTunes U: Learning Wherever You Are