Court Rules Not a Cable System, Issues Injunction hoped to build a business out of rebroadcasting TV feeds over the Internet, without actually paying broadcasters for that content. Today, a district court judge squashed those dreams, issuing a preliminary injunction against the startup and ruling that it infringed on broadcasters’ copyrights.

FilmOn’s Broadcast Streams Taken Down; Is Ivi Next?

Internet TV streamer FilmOn was dealt a blow yesterday, as it was issued a temporary restraining order by a federal judge, requiring it to stop retransmitting over-the-air broadcast signals online. That could be bad news for Ivi.TV as it fights its own court battle.

One to Watch: ivi TV Brings TV to PC

Here’s a fresh, not-yet-covered startup we found out about recently: ivi TV. From what we understand, Seattle-based ivi, founded in 2007, is building a video player that will stream encrypted P2P broadcast TV signals to PCs. The company wants to sign up traditional broadcasters, but will also include channels from independent content producers. This sounds quite a bit like RayV (our profile); it also has elements in common with the linear TidalTV as well as HD live-streaming efforts from startups like Kulabyte and Conviva.

The self-funded ivi already has an active blog and Twitter account, though it has only a sign-up form on its sparse web site. We’re told it plans to launch this summer.

Disclosure: We heard about ivi because they were in touch with our ad sales team, but as you know our policy is to always write about any under-the-radar video startups we can find.