Two-Hit Wonder

TheĀ New Yorker has published a long, languid look at the entrepreneurial talents of Twitter and Square creator Jack Dorsey, following him from an upstart college dropout in the ’90s to single-minded entrepreneur and now as a tailored veteran businessman and anticipated IPO beneficiary. While author D.T. Max presents Dorsey as a sort of restrained, introspective pseudo-Steve Jobs, there’s also plenty of talk surrounding the CEO’s “right place, right time” luck. But it establishes Dorsey as a figure in the pantheon of Silicon Valley greats, and remains optimistic for his next venture.

7 stories to read this weekend

Saving Nokia, the page view apocalypse, Jonathan Franzen is old and cranky, corn is king, Senegal and the American South, the story of The Climate Company, and the modern genome gold rush — these are some of the stories for your weekend reading pleasure.