Square Hopes to Kill Cash Register With Square Register

Not two years after introducing the world to its little mobile credit card reader, Square is looking to write the obituary for the modern cash register–along with every location-based, daily deal and mobile payment app in existence with its new Square Register and Card Case.

Why Did PayPal Buy Fig Card? Find Out

The word is that once upon a time, eBay’s PayPal tried to buy Jack Dorsey’s Square. Today, the company announced that it is buying small Boston-based mobile-payment startup Fig Card. It seems the upstart and the incumbent are on a collision course.

Instamagic: The Story of a Red Hot App [Video]

It has been a magical few months for Instagram, a mobile photo-sharing startup. It has grown from nothing to more than 3.2 million users, and raised $7 million in funding. In this video, co-founder and CEO Kevin Systrom shares the story of Instagram.

The Vision Thing: What Twitter Needs to Learn From Apple

Twitter seems to be a company in turmoil — not just on the product side, but on the management side as well. What it needs more than anything is a consistent and tangible vision for what it wants to become, and someone who stands for that vision.

Predicting Twitter’s Best Business Opportunities

So Jack Dorsey is coming back to Twitter. He returns to face a backlash from vocal digerati and, more important, from members of the Twitter ecosystem. Blogger complaints killed Twitter’s QuickBar, but soothing the companies trying to build businesses around Twitter APIs will be more difficult.

Today in Social

Yesterday, Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s original CEO, confirmed he was coming back to the company to head up product development, while maintaining his role as CEO at Square, the mobile payments company. Today, he’s talking about Twitter, as it refines its business model and manages its ecosystem. There are some good insights in this partial transcript. Dorsey maintains that Twitter has an effective business model and a revenue stream in place, but that it needs to communicate its future directions more clearly to third parties. It must inspire developers to combine technologies rather than create them: he calls out geolocation and mobile sensors. Twitter is aiming its own client apps at mainstream audiences – so TweetDeck is okay, I guess – and needs to work harder on improving the tweet-viewing experience, rather than the tweet-creating one. Dorsey says his mission is to help users extract relevance from Twitter.

Can Jack Dorsey Help Twitter Find Its Way?

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is taking on an expanded role at the company, in what seems to be an attempt to show that Twitter is putting more emphasis back on the product after some recent mis-steps. Can Dorsey help put things back on the right track?