Apple Takes Aggressive Next Step in the Ongoing Jailbreak Dance

iphone_lockIt can’t really do anything about the iPhone hardware that’s already on the market, aside from trying to block jailbreaking via software methods again and again, but Apple (s aapl) has made hardware changes to the latest shipments of iPhone 3GS devices that should ensure they can’t be unlocked, at least for the time being.

The newest devices hitting the market have an updated boot ROM that blocks the exploit typically used in jailbreaking the 3GS, known as the 24kpwn exploit. iPhone Dev-Team member MuscleNerd confirmed that the block does indeed mean that for now, a standard jailbreak on these devices is out of the question. Read More about Apple Takes Aggressive Next Step in the Ongoing Jailbreak Dance

Tip Jar: Getting More Out of Google Voice

Google Voice Icon

With invites going out every day and Google (s goog) and Apple (s aapl) being in the news many times over because of the rejection of its native Google Voice app for the iPhone, many are giving this service a close look. If you’re a Mac or iPhone user, here are some tips that’ll help you get the most out of this service.

Unlocked Phone? Free calls!

Though officially iPhone users in the U.S. should be on the AT&T (s att) network, if you’re using another carrier, you may be able to use your Google Voice number to get around your monthly allotment of minutes. Some carriers, like T-Mobile, offer the ability to provide a list of “frequently” used numbers that do not impact the minutes allowed on a monthly plan. Since Google is footing the bill for connecting calls between a Google Voice number and any other number inside the U.S., simply adding your Google number to your “favorite list” results in free calls. It’s too bad AT&T doesn’t support this feature. Read More about Tip Jar: Getting More Out of Google Voice

Apple Claims Jailbreaking Could Disable Transmission Towers


Apple (s aapl) is constantly fighting a losing battle with jailbreakers on the hardware and software front, issuing updates that are quickly analyzed and broken by the Dev Team and other highly motivated individuals.

Recently, they’ve been trying to cut off the jailbreak community from another angle: by making it illegal to unofficially alter their handsets. In order to get the U.S. Copyright Office to see things their way, they told them recently (PDF) that the act of jailbreaking could actually cause transmission towers to fail.
I’m pretty confident that this is little more than a sensationalist scare tactic on Apple’s part, but the accusations make for pretty heavy reading. Not only could they take out transmission towers, but they also might be able to get around paying for calls (gasp!) and conduct denial-of-service attacks to purposefully crash the tower. As far as I know, none of these things have ever actually happened, but kudos to Apple for giving people ideas. Read More about Apple Claims Jailbreaking Could Disable Transmission Towers

Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part Two)


In my previous Jailbreak: The Lock Screen Is A Barren Land, I wrote about IntelliScreen and Lock Calendar, two apps for enhancing the Lock Screen of your iPhone and iPod touch. Today, in part two, I’ll be exploring a handful of other tweaks you can make to the Lock screen.

HomeScreen and MultiBarLockscreen

HomeScreen 2.0 (aldwin, Free) looks and feels like Windows Mobile’s Today Screen. Instead of filling up the Lock screen with a list of current events, HomeScreen shows you only a total count of various system events such as appointments, missed calls, new mail, new messages and new RSS feeds. You can also have it display a calendar of the current month and a one-week weather forecast. Read More about Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part Two)

Competition Comes to the Jailbreak Game, Results in Purplesn0w


I thought once the Dev Team got on board with George Hotz (better known as Geohot, the man responsible for the very first iPhone jailbreak), all differences between the two would be resolved and he would quietly rejoin the fold. Not so, apparently, as he continues to release new software using the Purple prefix, with a new iPhone 3GS unlocking program dubbed Purlesn0w…like what Prince would name his song if he grew up north of the tree line.

The new unlocker, which is out, albeit in beta form (and the source code is available now via Geohot’s blog), is meant to improve upon thee somewhat clumsy solution currently used by Ultrasn0w, which doesn’t actually truly “unlock” anything. Instead, it uses a daemon to generate a ticket that allows the baseband to support carrier sim cards other than the official one. Purplesn0w likewise can’t “fully” unlock anything, but it does use a more elegant solution that takes up fewer system resources. Read More about Competition Comes to the Jailbreak Game, Results in Purplesn0w

Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone 3GS Using Official Dev Team Tools


If you’ve been enjoying your new iPhone 3GS, but have been missing the freedom of jailbreak since your hardware upgrade (and you were skittish about the early purplera1n release), then you’re in luck, because yesterday the Dev Team officially released updated versions of redsn0w and ultrasn0w that are compatible with Apple’s (s aapl) newest handset. That also means you can unlock the device (though earlier versions of ultrasn0w were technically compatible as well) without worry. Except for the usual worries, which are, as always, many and include potentially voiding your warranty. Read More about Jailbreak and Unlock Your iPhone 3GS Using Official Dev Team Tools

Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS Now Available Online


At this point we probably shouldn’t need to start a jailbreaking post off with a disclaimer about how doing it with your iPhone is not condoned with Apple (s aapl), and may void your warranty, so you should approach doing so at your own risk, but a friendly reminder never hurts. Now, on to the reason behind the disclaimer: The iPhone 3GS, after only three weeks on the market, has been successfully jailbroken, and the software that allows it is now available online. Happy Independence Day.

The iPhone Dev Team, who are behind this and almost every previous iPhone jailbreak, actually hadn’t planned on releasing this particular jailbreak yet. George Hotz (aka Geohot), a member of the Dev Team and the first to unlock the original iPhone, seems to have gone behind the team’s back and leaked the software early. The Dev Team was holding out for iPhone OS 3.1 to drop, in order to hopefully avoid Apple patching the vulnerability that allows jailbreaking with that update. Read More about Jailbreak for iPhone 3GS Now Available Online

SBSettings: Why I Still Jailbreak With 3.0

Back in the Dark Ages (iPhone 2.0 firmware) jailbreaking your iPhone (s aapl) had many points of merit. It could give you MMS, Copy & Paste, tethering, video recording, info on your lock screen and more. However, the reasons I jailbroke were for MMS, Copy & Paste, and Internet tethering.

So when the much-awaited 3.0 release was finally here, I thought to myself, “Great, no need to jailbreak anymore.” I installed my developer’s copy of the beta firmware and there was much rejoicing with smooth, Apple home-cooked MMS, copy & paste, and Internet tethering.

But then, as I watched episodes of “Arrested Development” via XBMC using my iPhone as the remote, or lay in bed on my side trying to read news feeds without the screen rotating when I didn’t want it to, I really, really missed SBSettings. So it came to be that the day the jailbreak dev team released its official PwnageTool for 3.0, I immediate jailbroke my 3.0 iPhone. Just for one application: SBSettings. It really does bring that much convenience to the table. Read More about SBSettings: Why I Still Jailbreak With 3.0

Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part One)


Apple (s aapl) blessed the iPhone 3G with a gorgeous, large screen. There is plenty of screen real estate, so why waste it with just a wallpaper, album cover artwork, or the date and time?

Having been a Windows Mobile user for six years, the Today Screen in Windows Mobile was the one feature I sorely missed in the iPhone OS. With the Today Screen, I could, at a quick glance, see upcoming appointments and know I have new mail, new messages, or missed calls.
It is possible to replicate that experience on a jailbroken iPhone. Today, in the first of two articles, I’ll talk about two third-party apps that’ll turn the barren land that is the Lock screen into a golden field of usefulness. Read More about Jailbreak: The Lock Screen is a Barren Land (Part One)

Jailbreak: What iPhone OS 3.0 Means for Jailbreaking


iPhone OS, from its very first version to the current 2.2.1, lacks certain features that many users typically expect in a smartphone. Jailbreaking arose largely to address those shortcomings. With iPhone OS 3.0, Apple (s aapl) has made the first of what will surely be many waves to come that will rock the jailbreak boat.

Having used beta developer builds of iPhone OS 3.0 for a few weeks now, I believe that the release of iPhone OS 3.0 will eliminate a large number of reasons for which users have jailbroken their iPhones.
Of the hundreds of enhancements jailbreaking can bring, the popular ones are, arguably, unlocking the iPhone to accept SIM cards worldwide, SMS management, MMS, Internet tethering, the built-in camera, the Lock Screen, UI theming, and cut, copy and paste. So how do the new features in iPhone OS 3.0 stack up against their jailbreak counterparts? Let’s take a look. Read More about Jailbreak: What iPhone OS 3.0 Means for Jailbreaking