Have a jailbroken iPhone? There’s a warranty for that

It’s fairly widely known that if you jailbreak your iPhone it probably voids the device’s warranty from Apple. But SquareTrade, a third-party gadget warranty provider, changes the equation for potential iOS hackers by offering to fix or replace jailbroken devices, no questions asked.

If Apple can’t beat jailbreakers, it’ll recruit them

For Comex, a 19-year-old iPhone hacker whose real name is Nicholas Allegra, jailbreaking the iPhone comes easy. The iPhone Dev Team member may have hacked himself a golden ticket, since Apple has come calling and he now has an internship at the company.

If Apple won’t bring multiple user profiles to iPads, iUsers will

Unlike a traditional computer, Apple’s iPad doesn’t natively support multiple user accounts, which can cause issues for shared iPads. Since Apple won’t add this function, the jailbreaking community is taking it upon themselves. IUsers is a work in progress, but shows polish and promise so far.

Spaniard Turns Tables on Nintendo Over Piracy Claims

Spanish shopkeeper Alejandro Fernandez is on trial amid accusations that he is aiding piracy by selling jailbreak cartridges for Nintendo devices. But he’s trying to fight back by leading a legal action against the Japanese games giant that accuses it of breaking European law.

Toyota Embraces iPhone Jailbreak Community for Ad Campaign

In what may be the weirdest Apple-related news you’ll read today, Toyota introduced a new official Scion-branded jailbreak iPhone theme Saturday for distribution in the Cydia store. This marks the first time a major corporation has embraced the iOS jailbreak community, but how will Apple respond?

New Jailbreak Brings Full Browser to 2nd Gen Apple TV

Want to do more woth your Apple TV then just access iTunes and Netflix? Then you might be interested in a new jailbreak tool that maks it possible to install a full HTML5-compatible web browser on the device. Just don’t expect it to play Hulu videos.

Why Apple Should End Its Fight Against iPhone Jailbreaking

Apple is stepping up its battle against iPhone jailbreakers with an updated version of its mobile operating system and the pursuit of a patent. But the folks in Cupertino could simply be pouring resources into a battle that’s not worth fighting at all.

What the New DMCA Ruling on Jailbreaking Actually Says

Today the U.S. Copyright Office clarified how it plans to enforce the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, making new exemptions for things like jailbreaking iPhones. But “jailbreaking is legal” is not what the ruling said. It simply said jailbreaking is not a violation of copyright law.

Apple Promotes QuickPWN Briefly, Changes Mind


Maybe it’s a shot across the bow of AT&T (s att), sort of like all the buzz about Verizon-specific Apple (s aapl) devices, but if so, it’s not a very subtle one, and it contradicts all Apple policy on the matter to date.

I’m talking about a brief appearance (caught by Gizmodo, among others) on Apple’s own web site of a promotional reference to QuickPWN, which iPhone and iPod Touch owners will recognize as the hacking software that allows users to jailbreak their Apple handheld devices quickly and easily, without having to get very deep into the programming or code side of things. Apple, of course, disapproves, and generally tries to counter jailbreaking with each new firmware release. Read More about Apple Promotes QuickPWN Briefly, Changes Mind