Is Jajah dead? Well, depends on who and what you ask

Over the weekend, news broke that Telefonica was killing Jajah. While the news created a lot of consternation, the reality is that both parties got what they needed from the $207 million deal. Investors made money and Telefonica got something else.

How to save money on phone calls when traveling

If you are someone who is always on the move and spends a lot of time on the phone, then those phone bills stack up. In this age of mobile VoIP that shouldn’t be the case, but it does. This infographic will get you started.

O2/Telefónica Buys Jajah for $207M

Telefónica, the parent company of O2, today announced the acquisition of Jajah for €145 million (about $207 million) in an all-cash transaction. The rumors of this deal emerged earlier this month.

Latest on O2-Jajah Deal: Not Done Yet

Yesterday, rumors were flying that O2, a division of Telefonica, a large Spanish phone company was buying Israel-based VoIP company, Jajah for about $200 million. My sources say that despite the reports, the deal isn’t done and the price is lower than $200 million previously reported.

Why O2 Wants to Buy Jajah

O2, a division of Telefonica, a Spanish telecommunications company, is a front-runner to buy Jajah, a 4-year-old VoIP startup. O2 offered $200 million, rumor has it, beating out Microsoft and Cisco. So why does everyone want a piece of the upstart?

StatShot: 27% Access Twitter Via Apps

twitterlogoTwitter-focused applications are sprouting up everywhere these days — among them TweetDeck, Twhirl and Kutano — and they’re proving to be popular. Some 27 percent of Twitter users said they primarily access the micromessaging network using such apps, according to an inaugural study released today by Crowd Science, a technology research company.
Among some of the other notable findings in the study: Four in 10 Twitter users said they prefer contacting friends using social media than over the phone (which could either hurt or help Jajah’s @Call offering, which uses the company’s VoIP service to let users call friends for free via the Twitter network.) Read More about StatShot: 27% Access Twitter Via Apps

Jajah Lets You Make Calls via Twitter

jajah @callJajah is privately launching in beta today a voice-over-IP solution that lets people make calls for free via micromessaging site Twitter and other Twitter-related desktop and mobile applications. This is another effort by Jajah to get its VoIP service onto a popular application; last year, the company forged a partnership with Yahoo (s yhoo) to offer its voice services to Yahoo IM users. Read More about Jajah Lets You Make Calls via Twitter

JAJAH Can Transform Your iPod Touch Into an iPhone


With the introduction of microphone support and an external speaker, the gap between the iPhone and the iPod touch was becoming increasingly narrow. It was really only a matter of time before it happened, but one company, JAJAH is now claiming to have bridged the space between the two, and brought phone features to the iPod touch, going beyond what even existing VoIP apps have done in the past.

Specifically, JAJAH will allow you to not only make calls with your iPod touch, but also send and receive text messages. Of course, since the device lacks any kind of cellular antenna, you’ll have to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot in order to use JAJAH’s phone features. You’ll also have to have an iPod headset with Mic, and you aren’t actually able to do any of this yet, because JAJAH is not currently available in the App Store. Just like the MMS solution we covered before, JAJAH is a white label service that will be offered for sale to other companies.
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How to Build the Perfect Set-Top Box

It’s the holidays — a time to give, right? Right. Which is why I’m making a list of what I’d like someone to give me this year. This isn’t a gift guide (I’ve already written one of those), but more of a fantasy. I’m making a list of all the features I’d like to see in the perfect set-top box.

What does the perfect set-top box do, you ask? A little bit of everything: It’s a DVR that records my favorite shows. It’s a media extender that lets me watch the video content I have stored on my PC. In a true fantasy world, it also replaces my cable box (but still lets me access my cable provider’s On Demand library) and plays back Blu-ray Discs.

Remember, this is a fantasy. I know that it’s not possible to get everything I want; some of the technology is simply not ready. But some of these features should already be options, such as the first item on my list:

EASY SET-UP/NETWORK CONNECTIONS: It shouldn’t take four days, a box of power tools, and repeated calls to tech support to install anything — never mind a gadget that I’m going to use to watch TV.
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