Today in Mobile

Jakob Nielsen is making headlines this morning with this “usability findings” study that is highly critical of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Nielsen, who’s been dubbed a “Web usability guru,” claims the new tablet offers a disappointingly poor usability experience due to a host of factors. When it comes to new tablets, though, I think we all suffer from a case of heightened expectations due to the fantastic iPad. The Kindle Fire is inferior to Apple’s tablet, to be sure, but it’s much smaller and much cheaper — so that should be no surprise. Other Kindle Fire reviews have been much more positive, and I think the device will find a big audience of consumers willing to sacrifice some performance and size for the more attractive price.

Usability Study Shows Kids Don’t Search

While adult Internet users are increasingly “search dominant,” kids navigate the web using bookmarks, remembering their favorite sites, and accessing paid subscription content and games. That’s a finding from a new qualitative usability study on how children use the web by human-computer interaction researcher Jakob Nielsen,

What If You Ran an Ad, and Nobody Saw It?

Jacob Jakob Nielsen knows web users. The Nielsen/Norman Group, which he co-founded, has tested thousands of sites. It’s watched more than 3,000 users try to perform tasks online, even following their eyes to see where they look. And he has some frightening news:
Nobody looks at picture advertising.
Nielsen, in a keynote address at the inaugural Web Experience Forum in Boston, Mass., said web design is doomed to failure unless we learn from end users. And one major lesson is that other than paid search, ads don’t work. Read More about What If You Ran an Ad, and Nobody Saw It?