Finding Nemo: How a startup turns your desktop into an ocean

Neville Spiteri and Scott Yara have come up with a good reason to think about screen savers again: theBlu, a collaborative digital ocean that connects people with ecology and each other. But it is more than just a screensaver – it is a new entertainment & learning platform.

Asteroids: a future source of energy materials

Here is a wild idea: mining energy materials for batteries, fuel cells and other electronic devices from asteroids. Except that is exactly the plan announced by a startup on Tuesday that counts Larry Page and Eric Schmidt as investors.

GigaOM interview with Hollywood titan James Cameron

James Cameron and Vince Pace have been working together on 3-D for years, but now the two are hoping to revolutionize the 3-D video market. I got a chance to sit down with them and talk about the future of 3-D in the home.

James Cameron: The World Should Be Shot in 3-D

Written by Michael Stroud

3-D movies — from Jaws in 1983 to Spy Kids in 2003 — have long been staples of movie fare. Then as now, audience goers donned special glasses that make double images leap out of the screen. But today’s movies, using advanced cameras, are far sharper; and the prospect of standardized 3-D for all films and TV shows means the technology will likely become a DVD staple, too, over the next 10 years.

Or at least that’s director James Cameron’s message at Hollywood’s first 3-D Entertainment Summit. Cameron is currently producing Avatar, his eagerly awaited $200-million feature film, set on another planet in the far future. Shot entirely in 3-D, the film is set for release in December 2009.

“There’s nothing in the palette of entertainment that can’t be done in 3-D,” he said. “All the hard work has been done.” Read More about James Cameron: The World Should Be Shot in 3-D