From ClownCo to Video Star: Hulu beyond Jason Kilar

In some ways, it’s amazing Hulu has made it this far. As CEO Jason Kilar departs after months of rumors, here’s a look back at what a pioneering video distribution company has accomplished.

Hulu made $695M in 2012, now has 3M Hulu Plus subscribers

Hulu has been able to bring in more than $695 million in revenue this year, and the number of its paying subscribers grew 50 percent, to more than three million. The company also invested more than $500 million in content in 2012.

Big surprise: Hulu’s owners can’t agree on its future

A leaked memo hints at an uncertain future for Hulu after a buyout of co-owner Providence Equity Partners. Not only could CEO Jason Kilar leave the company, but Hulu’s co-owners News Corp. and Disney don’t seem to see eye-to-eye on key issues.

Yahoo board keeps Levinsohn CEO decision under wraps

The Yahoo board seems determined to make who will be CEO the story, instead of what the CEO will do or what the digital media company is accomplishing. An announcement could come as early as this morning. We can only hope.

Yahoo CEO watch: Levinsohn alone on deck

Yahoo and Facebook announcing that they will avoid the patent version of the Hundred Years’ War should be enough to seal the deal for interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, credited with the change in strategy, to get the “i” word removed from his title. Will it be?

Will the Yahoo board stick with Levinsohn?

As Yahoo’s July 12th annual meeting approaches, it looks like the latest search for a CEO might be ending soon. Will the new board stick with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who has been unwinding the last re-org, or go outside?

Kilar: More reason for Hulu to exist now than ever

While Hulu was formed primarily as a way for content owners to distribute and monetize content online that would otherwise be pirated, CEO Jason Kilar said Tuesday that there’s more reason for the company to exist now than there was four-and-a-half years ago.

Hulu in ’11: $420MM revenue, 1.5M paying subscribers

Hulu made $420 million in 2011, and is expected to pay $500 million to rights holders this year alone. The service now has 1.5 million paying subscribers, and Hulu CEO Jason Kilar projects that Plus will account for more than half of Hulu’s revenue this year.

How Hulu’s ‘Steamboat’ ads recommend new shows to users

While Hulu has mostly built its audience by featuring popular new programming, it’s also building a recommendations system to introduce viewers to new content. It’s leveraging those recommendations with a new set of ads aimed at getting users hooked on shows they didn’t known about.