Scala programmers are in catbird seat, or are they?

Demand for programmers with Scala expertise continues to grow, according to job postings on But things aren’t that simple. If you cut the data other ways, you can pretty much see what you want to see.

Microsoft attacks JavaScript scaling with TypeScript

Javascript is wildly popular but needs enterprise-class capabilities if it’s going to continue to be used to build business applications. That’s why Microsoft is offering TypeScript a superset of JavaScript that adds these needed perks available as a download.

Will Go be the new go-to programming language?

The Go language is gaining momentum among PaaS and IaaS vendors, says Apcera founder and CEO Derek Collison. Research shows the language gaining ground, although it hasn’t cracked the top 20. JavaScript and Java remain top dogs among overall programing languages.

Want to be a reporter? Learn to code

Journalism schools have to do a much better job teaching prospective reporters about the programming skills needed to tell data-driven, visual stories on web pages, not front pages, says the executive director of Northwestern University’s Knight News Innovation Lab.

Meteor rakes in $11.2M to fuel enterprise app development push

Meteor Development, the hot startup that aims to remake enterprise software development, picked up some pretty impressive coin in a $11.2 million Series A funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz, with contributions from Matrix Partners. Rod Johnson will join Meteor’s board.