We can thank Moore’s Law for the VC cleantech bust

One of the key misplaced assumptions that Valley VCs made in cleantech boom times is that the rapid progress of Moore’s Law could be created for cleantech with a little bit of VC funding and Valley smarts.

Hollywood overlooks the web, except when it can be put on TV

While this year’s Emmy nominees once again neglected to recognize any web originals, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from enlisting Internet-originating content for adaptation. But is Rhett and Link hopping to IFC and Lisa Kudrow moving Web Therapy to Showtime good or bad for web series?

Top 10 Green Overdrive Videos of 2010

After 6 months and close to 30 shows on green vehicles, we’re ready to ring in 2011 with a brand new year of eco-vehicle content for the Green Overdrive. Here’s my personal favorite 10 (+1) episodes from the Green Overdrive Show in 2010:

Green Overdrive: Jay Leno Shows Off His Green Garage!

For this week’s episode of the GigaOM TV Green Overdrive show, comedian Jay Leno showed us around his solar powered-garage, which houses three 1900s-era electric cars: the 1906 Baker electric car, the 1916 Owen Magnetic, and the 1925 steam-powered Doble.

Statshot: Conan Wins the Week in Tweets

Even if he doesn’t have the support of NBC (s GE), Conan O’Brien has the support of the Internet, leading the charge as the most-talked-about television personality for the past week, according to Trendrr.

Conan collected 215,145 tweets for the week, with a peak of 51,843 tweets on Tuesday, Jan. 12 — the same day that he sent out a statement declining NBC’s offer to move The Tonight Show to 12:05 instead of 11:35. Jay Leno was the third most-tweeted about TV topic for the week, with a total of 91,035 posts all week and a peak of 19,336 posts on Thursday, Jan. 14.

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Fallen Behind on the Late Night Drama? Hulu’s Here to Help

Just get back from vacation? Been focused on other news stories? Or just been too busy to keep up with the controversy arising over NBC (s GE)’s eminent reshaping of its late-night programming? Well, Hulu (s ge) (s nws) (s dis)’s got you covered. Today the video hosting site posted a timeline of 22 videos stretching back over the last week — arranged chronologically, the excerpts from The Jay Leno Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live offer a relatively complete look at the conversation that’s developed between hosts since the rumors began about Leno’s cancellation.

It’s missing one or two videos, such as Conan O’Brien’s relatively subtle commentary about timeshifting (which came in the form of a conflict between his Twilight and Avatar-inspired assistants).

But this is the first time I’ve seen the Hulu collection tool in action, and this implementation is a great way to capitalize on the almost ironic uptick in ratings that The Tonight Show is currently enjoying as the result of all the back-and-forth taking place. Of course, the big piece it’s missing is David Letterman’s commentary — but that’s CBS (s CBS)’s fault, not Hulu’s.