Finally, Facebook comes to Boston

Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg famously left Cambridge, Mass. to start his company in California. Now, full circle, Facebook is officially launching an engineering office in Kendall Square.

Wither the hard drive? Facebook’s secret plans for flash memory

Facebook is planning to rely more on flash drives in places where most companies have used spinning disk, and based on conversations with sources and hints from Facebook, I think one of those places will be in Facebook’s cold-storage photo facility it’s building in Oregon.

Facebook’s next compute challenge is cold storage

We know that Facebook is building a storage facility next to its Prineville data center, but in a conversation ahead of our Structure Europe event this month in Amsterdam I spoke with Facebook’s Jay Parikh to learn more about Facebook’s data center for digital packrats.

For the future of big data startups, look to Facebook

Facebook knows something about big data — it collects more data and has built more tools than almost anybody else. Here, Facebook’s Jay Parikh and Accel Partners’ Ping Li talk about what lessons big data startups can take from Facebook to build businesses that can succeed.

Say hello to our 5 Structure:Europe LaunchPad finalists!

We’re three weeks away from our inaugural Structure: Europe event, but before we head across the pond we wanted to introduce our readers to our five Structure:Europe LaunchPad finalists. The companies, who come from across the EU will present on Oct. 16 in Amsterdam.