Patterns & fallacies: Why they have no place in my Silicon Valley

If history has taught us anything, then the line between patterns and fallacies is nearly invisible. In a place where we talk about inventing the future, the patterns (or fallacies) of the past can prove to be counterproductive and create unnecessary biases.

The ugly, dog-eat-dog world of data center startups

The normally staid and somewhat boring world of networking equipment focused startups is become a hotly contested minefield — thanks to the newest kid on the blog, Insiemi, a company started by Cisco veterans. Their hiring tactics have got rivals such as Arista Network hopping mad.

Today in Cloud

Om has a nice piece over on GigaOM, based on a recent conversation of his with Arista CEO Jayshree Ullal. As Om notes, Arista’s premise “is very simple — as we start to depend on cloud-based applications and services for our computing needs… we would need a way to move data that has no delays and at pretty rapid clip. And that is not all — these new higher-speed networks would need new kind of operating system software and networking management capabilities to adapt to the different kinds of the network traffic.” Despite a heavyweight team of investors and execs, Arista typically has a lower profile than the competition. As Om discovered, there’s plenty of interest lurking behind the unassuming walls of their offices in “boring old Santa Clara” (Om’s words, not mine!)…

MSI Wind netbook gains WiFi drivers for Mac OS X


When I installed Mac OS X on my MSI Wind, one of the key missing features was the lack of WiFi support. Some folks opted to replace the Realtek 802.11b/g module with a compatible one, but I opted to use my EV-DO adapter for connectivity. GottaBeMobile notes that some forum members are circulating an OS X driver for the Realtek WiFi module and confirm that it works. The driver doesn’t cause OS X to see the hardware as an AirPort card, but apparently, you can still configure the WiFi and get it working. I still have the test version of Windows 7 on my MSI Wind so I haven’t tried the solution, but I did download it for later use.

Bear in mind that the driver is coming from Realtek, not MSI, and that this will always be an unofficial driver since it’s not coming directly from Apple. As a result, it’s unlikely to be supported in case of issues or problems. Somehow that never stops me from tinkering though.

Ex-Cisco SVP to Lead Andy Bechtolsheim’s Latest Switch Startup

In 2004, Andy Bechtolsheim co-founded Arastra, a Menlo Park, Calif-based maker of high-performance 10 GB switches for the data center market. Today the company announced it’s changing its name to Arista Networks and is hiring Jayshree Ullal, a 25-year veteran of the networking business, as its president and CEO.