Beantown & Other Remains of The Week

The post Big-Dig Boston is actually a pretty and lovely town – I walked around in what could best be described as weepy October rain, looking at some of the older buildings and near empty streets. Unlike New York or London or New Delhi, Boston doesn’t pulsate with energy; instead you can feel the weight of its history.

There were a lot of fantastic people I met on this trip, reminding me why I got into this business in the first place: people. Of course, it was also a great refresher in the economic reality of our times. When you walk around the Boston financial district and find two people sitting in a massive Starbucks and no one waiting to pick up their coffee, you know there is an economic slowdown happening. Out here in the SF Bay Area we are living in a cocoon and don’t really have a grasp on the magnitude of the problem. Read More about Beantown & Other Remains of The Week