Why is Dan Loeb selling his Yahoo stock? And why now?

Dan Loeb, the activist investor and CEO of Third Point, is selling a substantial part of his Yahoo stock, making a profit of $655 million and leaving the board along with his two appointees. The question is why, and more importantly, why now?

What would a New York Times for the youngs look like?

The New York Times is considering some kind of “entry-level” product aimed at a younger audience. What would this product look like and what should it cost? As a (late) twenty-something, I felt qualified to speculate.

Journalism 2.0 Didn’t Kill Anyone, and Neither Did Old Media

Forbes media writer Jeff Bercovici says Journalism 2.0 is somehow to blame for the deaths of 24 people in Afghanistan in the wake of a Quran burning in Florida. But the story he refers to says more about Journalism 1.0 than it does about new media.