Big data is still hard, but it gets better

When it comes to using big data, there are still bottlenecks. Many of these are around the tools that people use to try to make sense of massive amounts of information.

Today in Cloud

There’s a nice piece in this week’s Bloomberg Businessweek, which uses bubbles, social networks and advertising as a gloss over a more substantive exploration of the power of data. The hero of the piece is Jeff Hammerbacher, with his drive to make data meaningful, actionable, and valuable for more than advertising; “Hammerbacher looked around Silicon Valley at companies like his own, Google, and Twitter, and saw his peers wasting their talents. ‘The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads,’ he says. ‘That sucks.'” Hammerbacher, of course, is now Chief Scientist at Cloudera; a company doing more than most to put data where it belongs — at the heart of business decisions.