Frothy Times for Web Angel Investing

A long list of investors putting money in a jumbo-seed round earlier than ever is not uncommon these days. It’s not that there’s too few investments driving up demand; to the contrary, there are many young companies taking lots of money from lots of investors.

Future Win: Three VCs On Top Trends In Gaming

Want to get a good idea of where the gaming business is headed? Follow the money — or better yet, follow the trends the folks with money are looking at. With that in mind, I recently contacted three top venture capitalists in the gaming space to get their take. What interests them most in this rapidly changing economy?

Here’s the short version: We’ll see a lot more games that are free or funded with other models besides subscription and retail, and a top-to-bottom transformation of how games are deployed, developed and played. At least one of the VCs, however, anticipates an imminent backlash against the overheated casual gaming business. Get the full scoop from Benchmark Capital’s Mitch Lasky, Lightspeed Venture Partners’ Jeremy Liew, and Susan Wu, formerly of Charles River Ventures, below the fold.

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