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Yeah, sure they do. Alibaba still does, but one wonders how U.S. regulators would react. The Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is in the mix, possibly as one of a collection of investors. Mathew Ingram makes the case that Yahoo, taken private with Jerry Yang back in charge, could focus on being a media company as it should. I’m with Matthew on what Yahoo’s good at, but as he points out, Yang didn’t wow anybody last time he was in charge. We polled GigaOM readers about what Yahoo should do to regain its competitiveness and growth, and you’ll see the results of that survey and analysis in a Flash Analysis piece next week. Meanwhile, here’s a look at Yahoo as a possible online advertising exchange player as its growth options dwindle.

Why Jerry Yang buying Yahoo might be a good thing

Yahoo is in turmoil, as vulture funds circle the company. Co-founder Jerry Yang says he doesn’t want to sell, and there are reports he is looking at taking the company private — which might be the best thing to happen to Yahoo in a long time.