MTV exec: Social is a new programming platform

How can TV networks leverage the power of social networks to build their audiences? According to MTV EVP Dermot McCormack, social networks aren’t just for announcing when the next episode of Jersey Shore airs, but a whole new platform for media creation and distribution.

Statshot: Conan Wins the Week in Tweets

Even if he doesn’t have the support of NBC (s GE), Conan O’Brien has the support of the Internet, leading the charge as the most-talked-about television personality for the past week, according to Trendrr.

Conan collected 215,145 tweets for the week, with a peak of 51,843 tweets on Tuesday, Jan. 12 — the same day that he sent out a statement declining NBC’s offer to move The Tonight Show to 12:05 instead of 11:35. Jay Leno was the third most-tweeted about TV topic for the week, with a total of 91,035 posts all week and a peak of 19,336 posts on Thursday, Jan. 14.

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Michael Cera and the Jersey Shore Cast Kick It for Youth in Revolt Promotion [VIDEO]

Michael Cera with "Snooki" and "Sammi." Photo courtesy of dvDepot.

The upcoming Michael Cera film Youth in Revolt, opening tomorrow in theaters, isn’t your typical teen comedy, at least judging by the trailer. So how do you get teenagers to see it? Hitch the Michael Cera star to one of the biggest teen trends going today — Jersey Shore — for a series of ads that will run tonight between commercial breaks of the much-buzzed-about reality series.

Video from the ads, which were produced by Partizan Entertainment for the Weinstein Company and crewed by dvDepot, has been leaked in advance onto Bing (although, sadly, it’s not embeddable).

The concept is simple — Cera gets a dance lesson from the Jersey Shore cast, gets his hair blown out by Pauly D into the self-professed guido’s signature coif, and then hangs out in a hot tub. It’s a fun spin on Cera’s literally buttoned-up image, but just another day for the Jersey Shore kids, who are now professional partiers — when they’re not soliloquizing Shakespeare-style.

StatShot: Show Tunes and Face Punches Rule Twitter

Sectionals! Regionals! Will the Glee madness ever stop? Not on Twitter, according to recent stats from Trendrr, where Glee continued to top the charts as the most talked-about show for what feels like the 100th week in a row. It’s so predictable that we don’t even publish the chart anymore, but all you Gleeks will be happy to know that you sent a total of 144,601 Twitter posts throughout the week.

So how do you compete with the show tune phenomenon? Apparently by kicking or punching people in the face.

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