Today in Cleantech

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once said, “we have a four week election, and you [the U.S.] have an election that’s, well, four years.” So with elections over a year away, the lobbying for political support for cleantech began on the national stage last weekend where Republican presidential candidates in Iowa strolled up to a wind turbine blade and signed it (wind power accounts for almost 20 percent of power in Iowa). But there are reasons for concern. The Breakthrough Institute’s Jesse Jenkins has gone as far as previewing a “coming clean tech crash.” Clean tech is an industry largely reliant on subsidies to make its products price competitive and it will see 70 percent of those subsidies expire in the next three years. Energy policy and incentives matter to green IT because, in the end, you can get a data center as energy efficient as possible, but getting electricity from a renewable source will always be the other side of that equation.