No, copyright is not the answer to revenge porn

The spread of revenge porn, which is used to terrorize women, has led some to hail copyright law as a magic bullet solution. It won’t work and could do more harm than good. There are better options.

When does shaming racist kids turn into online bullying?

An article at Jezebel identifies high-school students who posted racist tweets in the wake of the election, raising a number of questions about what we consider to be an appropriate response to that kind of behavior, and when the cure is worse than the disease.

NTV Station Today: Jezebel, Nalts, and Public Humiliation

Self-proclaimed viral video genius (and friend of NewTeeVee) Nalts is never shy about sharing his knowledge with the world, but last week he really outdid himself by revealing the one great secret to viral success. (A lesson not lost on Miss America yesterday).

Speaking of people embarrassing themselves in public, the blogging world has been all-a-Twitter about Jezebel editors Tracie “Slut Machine” Egan and Moe Tkacik, whose drunk and disorderly appearance on a panel called “Thinking and Drinking” was short on tact and long on inappropriateness. But while most people come down hard on the blog girls, Karina Longworth has watched the whole panel — and thinks host Lizz Winstead deserves more of the blame. Why? We’ve got the full rundown at NewTeeVee Station.