Can An Integrated Web Presence Help In the Ratings?

They don’t measure online viewing or time-shifting, but Nielsens ratings have a lot of power over what does and doesn’t get seen on TV. However, there are several shows finding a balance between engaging with online audiences while still racking up big numbers with their overlords.

Emmys 2010 Review: The Two-Screen Experience

With social media shown to improve ratings for awards shows and tech-savvy Jimmy Fallon hosting, it’s little surprise that last night’s Emmy Awards had enough going on to warrant two-screen viewing. But did seven different live-streamed angles on the backstage action improve the show?

Emmys 2010 Online: Your Tweets Read By Jimmy Fallon Live

Are you surprised to learn that this year’s Emmy Awards aren’t going to be live-streamed online anywhere? Of course not. But the social media surrounding the ceremony is growing denser: Twitter and live-streaming initiatives are in the process of gearing up for Sunday’s ceremony.

Jimmy Fallon, Star Wars, Old Spice Win Creative Arts Emmy Awards

At last night’s Creative Arts ceremony for the 2010 Emmys, the Jimmy Fallon digital experience and the independently-produced Star Wars Uncut won awards for their interactivity. Neil Patrick Harris and The Man Your Man Could Smell Like also took home shiny gold statues.

Emmy Nominations Say ‘Meh’ To the Internet

So it appears that Primetime Emmy voters are not cord-cutters — of the six shows nominated for Best Drama this morning, only two streamed online last year. The awards appear focused on the mainstream this year, but there are some bright spots in today’s nominations.

Fallen Behind on the Late Night Drama? Hulu’s Here to Help

Just get back from vacation? Been focused on other news stories? Or just been too busy to keep up with the controversy arising over NBC (s GE)’s eminent reshaping of its late-night programming? Well, Hulu (s ge) (s nws) (s dis)’s got you covered. Today the video hosting site posted a timeline of 22 videos stretching back over the last week — arranged chronologically, the excerpts from The Jay Leno Show, The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel Live offer a relatively complete look at the conversation that’s developed between hosts since the rumors began about Leno’s cancellation.

It’s missing one or two videos, such as Conan O’Brien’s relatively subtle commentary about timeshifting (which came in the form of a conflict between his Twilight and Avatar-inspired assistants).

But this is the first time I’ve seen the Hulu collection tool in action, and this implementation is a great way to capitalize on the almost ironic uptick in ratings that The Tonight Show is currently enjoying as the result of all the back-and-forth taking place. Of course, the big piece it’s missing is David Letterman’s commentary — but that’s CBS (s CBS)’s fault, not Hulu’s.

A Web Worker’s Grown Up Christmas List

One of my favorite holiday songs is “Grown Up Christmas List.” Amy Grant sings about all the things that she wants for Christmas that can’t be wrapped in a box. Her list, of course, is full of grand altruistic dreams such as peace and love for the whole world.

Well, this web worker has a grown up Christmas list, too. And if your jaded heart is overloaded on holiday peace and love this season already, I promise you there isn’t an altruistic wish in the bunch.


Especially because I own my own business, it feels like I always have more ideas than I have time to execute them. There are so many avenues and possibilities to explore in my business. It feels like even if each day were 48 hours long I still wouldn’t have enough time to do everything I want to do. Read More about A Web Worker’s Grown Up Christmas List

Vid-Biz: DropPlay, Blood Cell, DiggNation

Facebook + YouTube + Pandora = DropPlay. Search for songs (which play via YouTube), get music recommendations and share with friends. (VentureBeat) Picks Up Blood Cell; web horror series stars Jessica Rose (aka Lonelygirl15) and was produced by 60Frames. (The Hollywood Reporter)

DiggNation Guys Were on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Last Night; as if last night’s episode couldn’t get any geekier, Fallon also incorporated a Twitter experiment (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) Now that nerds have their foot in the door, our friends at JKonTheRun want in on some of that sweet Fallon action.

SpeedCine Shows You Where to Find Films Online; just-launched database will eventually show you where to find your favorite movie via streaming or download. (SpeedCine) Goes Really High-Def with 1080p Video Gallery; select shows and content can be watched at the video portal in super high quality. (emailed release)

Adify Updates its Ad Network Platform; version 4.0 gives advertisers post-impression tracking tools, as well as updated dashboard tools. (Contentinople)

FreeWheel and Attributor Partner on User-Generated Video; two startups will combine content tracking and ad inventory systems. (MediaPost)