Wikipedia chief Wales becomes co-chair of UK carrier The People’s Operator

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has gone into the mobile carrier business, buying a stake in and becoming co-chair of The People’s Operator. TPO, which is little more than a year old, is a community-oriented UK operator that passes 10 percent of customers’ bills and 25 percent of TPO profits to “good causes” (Wired UK has a good interview with Wales that goes into cause selection). The virtual network operator also said said on Monday that it would launch in the U.S. next. “TPO has huge potential for viral growth and the more it grows, the more money will pass to the people and communities that need it,” said Wales.

Has Wikipedia broken faith with users by going dark?

Critics of Wikipedia’s decision to shut the encyclopedia down as a protest against U.S. anti-piracy legislation say the site shouldn’t be taking an advocacy position on such an issue, but if anything, that decision is a great illustration of how Wikipedia functions and why it’s important.

For All Its Flaws, Wikipedia is the Way Information Works Now

Wikipedia, which turns 10 this weekend, has taken a lot of heat over the years. But it has become a crucial aspect of our lives, and in many ways it has shown us what all information online is becoming: social, distributed, interactive and (at times) chaotic.

Open vs. Closed: Jimmy Wales on Being Open

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales says that he believes the benefits of taking an open approach to content outweigh the disadvantages, and says that something as large and influential as Wikipedia has become could never have been built unless the process was open to anyone to contribute.

My Hunch Is As Good As Jimmy Wales’ Hunch

Hunch, a New York-based startup whose founders include by Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake, has flown under the radar since it launched six months ago, which is strange considering its potential as a disruptor. Today, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined Hunch’s board.