JiWire builds a location graph to make mobile ads relevant

Location-based advertising holds a lot of potential to boost mobile monetization by offering more relevant and contextual ads. JiWire is trying boost location-based ads with Location Graph, which combines place data with the travel patterns of consumers.

Mobile Advertising Heats Up With Funding, Deals

Mobile advertising is ramping up quickly and is poised to grow by more than 40 percent over the next several years, outpacing traditional online advertising. And that is fueling a spate of funding announcements and deals as the competition in this space heats up.

Are the End Days Nearing for PCs (and Macs)?

New data from JiWire suggests that the shift Steve Jobs predicted about consumers migrating their computing workload away from truck-like computers to nimble tablets is underway. The Wi-Fi provider reported new connections to its network from Macs and PCs were down while new iPad users jumped.

JiWire Turns Mobile Ads into Apps

JiWire is leveraging its network of 4,000 Wi-Fi hotspots to serve up a new kind of highly-interactive location-aware ad that operates more like an app than an ad. JiWire is hoping by packing in app-like features, consumers will be more likely to make a purchase nearby.

Want to Make Your Location App Hot? Add a Discount.

Almost nine out of every 10 mobile users will access location based service this holiday season, according to JiWire, which analyzes audiences through Wi-Fi hotspots. However a large number aren’t doing it to score points or share their location, but rather to gain discounts.

Wi-Fi Cafe Users Love Apple and Like to Spend

iStock_000001567953XSmallWhile you’re enjoying a cup of joe in a local cafe, the folks sitting around you typing on their laptops and smartphones could very well be purchasing something online. Nearly 38 percent of people who use a cafe’s Wi-Fi say they make an online purchase during their visit, according to the findings of a report released today from mobile media company JiWire. Of those, more than half say they’re making a personal buy, while just 15 percent say they’re making a business purchase.
In addition, the iPhone and iPod touch are hugely popular with the cafe crowd, the report reveals. The two Apple (s appl) devices account for a whopping 98 percent of mobile gadgets used in cafes with Wi-Fi. About 54.2 percent and 43.4 percent of people using Wi-Fi in a cafe say they use the iPhone and iPod touch, respectively. (For more on the iPhone, check out our upcoming Mobilize 09 conference.) And although 74 percent of the cafe Wi-Fi crowd use PC laptops, over one-quarter are Mac users — which is notable given that Apple accounts for just 7.4 percent of the U.S. market share for notebooks. To boost its share even more, maybe Apple should target cafe goers in the future. Read More about Wi-Fi Cafe Users Love Apple and Like to Spend