Jailbreak your iPhone at your own risk

Jail_breakQuite a few geeks have jailbroken their iPhones so they can install third party software even though Apple warns you that you could brick your phone.  This was driven home to me earlier this week when I was at the Genius Bar with my Mac and next to me was a woman who brought in her 15 year-old’s iPhone that would no longer make phone calls.  I was listening to her exchange with the assigned Genius since I had nothing else to do and the issue was her son had jailbroken the iPhone and installed a lot of software.  The Genius explained this to the woman and showed her a sign that indicated Apple’s official stance that they will not work on "modified" iPhones.  He wanted to help her out anyway since it was her kid’s phone and she would be the one who ended up losing money on this so he worked for over twenty minutes trying to restore the phone to factory condition.  He was surprised and called another Genius over to help when the phone wouldn’t restore due to something that had been installed and the end result was the phone was not restorable.  It was a nice, thin, expensive brick and the woman was out the money.  So be careful when you do this to your phone, Apple is not blowing smoke when they say the phone could be bricked by Jailbreaking it.

Job Outlook 2008: Good News, Bad News

The U.S. economy has been looking kind of iffy lately. What’s the job market outlook for 2008? Web workers want to know.

Good news: The U.S. economy continues to grow (albeit slowly). Last Friday, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released the latest job numbers, estimating that around 94,000 jobs were added to the U.S. economy in November. That sounds pretty good until you hear that a year prior, the economy was adding around 168,000 jobs a month.

Bad news: But workers are feeling pessimistic. A monthly survey of worker sentiment in the U.S. shows a downward trend as people increasingly worry about their job security, about employer hiring plans, and about the state of their finances.

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Sun + AMD = The Future

Given that it is hard to keep up with the news from US tech land while reporting two stories here in India, I am sorry for having missed this one. Sun’s decision to kill UltraSprac V and Gemini chips tells me that they are going to increase their dependence on AMD’s x86/64 bit chips, and will perhaps transition to using them in most of their low and medium end machines. Bold prediction: before end of 2004, Sun will make a nice investment in AMD.