Gaming out next steps for Apple TV

With the current generation game consoles showing their age, and the gaming industry generally poised to make the leap to the cloud, now would be the time for Apple to make an aggressive play to grab a bigger slice of the in-home gaming market to go along with iPad’s growing share of the mobile gaming business.

LinkedIn launches job application plug-in

LinkedIn has launched a plug-in that allows companies to place an “Apply with LinkedIn” button on their jobs web pages, enabling people to use their LinkedIn profiles as résumés. GigaOM was the first to report on the development of the “Apply with LinkedIn” plug-in in June.

Today in Social

We’re looking for a new NewNet curator to join the GigaOM Pro team. If you’re an expert on social and real-time technologies, and you’ve got strong, well-considered opinions about how they are changing the world today (and the business world in particular), we’d like to hear from you. This is a freelance position, working with our crack team of curators and analysts to deliver concise, insightful information about the future of these emerging collaborative technologies. Writing skills, a sense of humor, and a nose for what’s noise and what’s news are ‘musts’ for this position. Interested? Contact Celeste LeCompte: Send a message or an email.

New Features Warrant a Second Look for Raveal

raveallogoA little while ago, I took a look at a new job search/resumé posting website called Raveal. It billed itself as the next big thing in online career finding, but I wasn’t totally convinced it was much different than its predecessors or Workopolis.
Flowz, the developer behind Raveal, has since introduced a variety of new features to try to up the game of the fledgling web site. Some of these are little more than aesthetic upgrades, but some are substantial improvements that really change the way the site works at its core. Read More about New Features Warrant a Second Look for Raveal