Wanted: An Amazon “enterprise challenge”

Amazon’s cloud services are a huge hit among startups with thin IT budgets. But Amazon wants be a for-real platform for important enterprise-class applications as well. Should it launch an enterprise challenge?

Financial services and the public cloud: Go or no go?

Most financial services companies officially forbid the use of public cloud (aka Amazon Web Services) completely. But the forward thinkers among them — like State Street — keep their options — and minds — open about such deployment in the future.

A CTO’s take on cloud

Joe Coyle, CTO of global integrator Capgemini, sees a lot of cloud pitches from all the major technology vendors — and God knows they all have a cloud strategy. Here’s what he thinks of the current state of the market.

CIOs come around to cloud storage

It’s not surprising that Box CEO Aaron Levie says CIOs are ready to approve big corporate cloud storage deals. But it is somewhat surprising that outside experts with no dog in this fight agree that cloud storage is coming to the enterprise.