Square, Airbnb and why experience really is design

During the heyday of industrial and manufacturing economy, what mattered was the brand. Today, what matters is the complete experience, one that hides technology, infrastructure and complexity and in the process creates a bond between us and the product.

Born to help make the rent, Airbnb grew from good design

Airbnb, the darling success story of Paul Graham’s Y Combinator, began with a few design guys in San Francisco renting out an air mattress to customers, but the service has grown immensely since then, and Joe Gebbia, the company’s co-founder, said it was all about design.

This week in European events

Europe’s buzzing with small events this week, giving everyone plenty to sink their teeth into. Here’s our pick of three that you may find interesting or useful.

AirBnB gets $112M in new investment

AirBnB, a San Francisco–based person-to-person room-, apartment- and house-rental startup, has raised $112 million in Series B funding from a group of investors including Russian Internet investor DST Global, General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz. AirBnB has raised about $120 million. More details after the fold.