Cisco CEO complains to Obama over NSA equipment-tampering

Cisco(s csco) CEO John Chambers complained directly to President Barack Obama over the NSA’s alleged bugging of U.S. telecommunications equipment sent overseas, including Cisco’s own equipment. In a letter cited over the weekend by the Financial Times and Re/Code (and published by the latter), Chambers said the exposed surveillance tricks would undermine confidence in U.S. tech firms’ products, and begged Obama to set new “rules of the road”. Cisco has already complained about NSA “backdoor” revelations in recent months, and it continues to see orders drop off in emerging markets in the wake of the Snowden leaks.

Rometty to succeed Palmisano as IBM chairman

In the latest phase of a well-organized succession plan at IBM, Virginia Rometty will become chairman of the IT giant on October 1. Sam Palmisano will stay on as advisor until December 1, the company said.

John Chambers on the future of Cisco

Cisco hit the skids 18 months ago which led to a restructuring that was completed in record time. Now Cisco is ready to roll again, and to celebrate, CEO John Chambers discussed the company’s future. Here are 3 key takeaways.

John Chambers on why Cisco never bought Skype

Cisco, the networking company that many felt would be a great acquirer of Skype had looked at the VoIP and video company and declined because it couldn’t see a way to do a deal without upsetting its service provider customers, according to Cisco CEO John Chambers.

Reorg complete, Cisco hops back on the acquisition trail

Cisco, an incredibly active acquirer, is ready to start doing deals again, according to John Chambers. We think it should be focusing on the cloud and beefing up its core networking skills by buying some of the companies we list in our story.