100 Mbps DSL is Here & 800 Mbps is Around the Corner

Copper, thanks to new generation DSL technologies is staying competitive with fiber and cable broadband. Today, a new breakthrough shows that it will only be a matter of time before DSL broadband crosses the 800 Mbps threshold. For now lets’s settle for 100 Mbps DSL.

ASSIA Raises $10M to Keep DSL on Top

logoASSIA, a 6-year-old startup, today raised $10 million in funding, some of which comes from carriers that it hopes will become customers. Since its inception, the company has managed to build out software that improves the quality of DSL lines; sign on major carriers such as AT&T (s t) as customers; and reach more than $10 million in revenue on about $4 million from previous investments. In this round, Mingly China Growth Fund and SFR Development joined previous investors Swisscom Ventures, Stanford University, and T-Venture. Read More about ASSIA Raises $10M to Keep DSL on Top