The problems with righteous investing

One of the more subtle problems with the first wave of cleantech investing I think has to do with passion, identity and save-the-world over exuberance. It’s hard to call that a fault, but when it comes to making money in the VC model, it’s a problem.

From ClownCo to Video Star: Hulu beyond Jason Kilar

In some ways, it’s amazing Hulu has made it this far. As CEO Jason Kilar departs after months of rumors, here’s a look back at what a pioneering video distribution company has accomplished.

A good place to work

When things go well, it doesn’t matter if your company is a good company. But when things go wrong, it can be the difference between life and death. Things always go wrong. Ben Horowitz explains why being a good company is an end in itself.

Kleiner Perkins’ Ray Lane to reduce role on future fund

Kleiner Perkin’s partner Ray Lane is not listed as a general partner on fund documents for prospective limited partners for Kleiner Perkin’s next early stage fund, though Lane will still be active at the firm, reports Fortune’s Dan Primack.

Amyris shores up company with $84M

Biochemical company Amyris announced on Monday that it has secured $84 million in funding to help it shore up its business and continue to try to scale up its technology. The company went public back in Fall 2010.

Kleiner-backed biofuel startup Renmatix comes out of stealth

Kleiner Perkins has another biofuel and biochemical company up its sleeve. On Tuesday, a Kleiner-backed startup called Renmatix, which makes sugar from biomass that can be turned into biofuel and biochemicals, came out of stealth during an event in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Top 10 Greentech Influencers of 2010

Since influencers are what makes the greentech industry world go round, we thought we’d bring you the 10 individuals that we think had the biggest effect on the greentech sector this year. From corporate bigwigs to policy wonks, these are the people changing the sector.