Is Rackspace holding OpenStack back?

CloudScaling CTO Randy Bias argues that Amazon Web Services APIs are already the lingua franca of the cloud and supporting them is key to OpenStack success.

Rackspace launches cloud monitor

Rackspace CTO John Engates said the company’s new monitoring service, based on its Cloudkick acquisition two years ago, will give customers a better way to monitor the performance of their cloud resources. As more companies consider cloud deployment, tools like these are becoming essential.

Eucalyptus updates cloud platform in open source mold

Eucalyptus, the company that wants to link private clouds to the Amazon cloud, is updating its platform software bringing it more in line with the open source model. All Eucalyptus 3.1 code will be available on Github. Subscribers will get plug-ins and other perks.

Rackspace gets its OpenStack cloud in order

Customers can now get early access to Rackspace’s OpenStack-based public cloud, slated to come online May 1. The news comes as the OpenStack Spring Conference kicks off in San Francisco. The company also unveiled OpenStack-based Cloud Block Storage and MySQL-based database services.