Google CEO Larry Page: Do as I say, not as I do

Google CEO Larry Page, who has been suffering from vocal cord issues, showed up at the end of the Google I/O keynote and spent some time talking about his vision of technology and took questions from the audience. And that’s when the fun started.

Amplification & the changing role of media

As more sources of news start to go direct by posting their thoughts to their blogs, Twitter and Facebook pages, a journalist’s role becomes more about deciding what to amplify and what to ignore.

The end of (iPod) nano watches

The launch of the seventh generation iPod Nano means curtains for the square-shaped nano that sparked a Nano-watch revolution, thanks to the work of designers like Scott Wilson who created the straps to accommodate the Nanos. On the upside, maybe rarity will make them collectibles.

Is a backlash over Sparrow’s sale to Google justified?

Google’s decision to buy hot French email startup Sparrow has seen reactions ranging from excited to bitterly disappointed. But while some critics are just hipsters who confuse selling up with selling out, there are plenty of reasons to worry about a purchase by the ‘Plex.

Tweetbot’s new Mac client gets buzz as Twitter crackdown looms

The popular iPhone client Tweetbot will now have an application for Mac, an exciting development for fans of the product, but an interesting development to come just as Twitter has announced plans to restrict third-party use of its API and keep Twitter users on Twitter products.

What is Curation? [Video]

Curation has been a hot topic of discussion. Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest are the engines of “curation” Today, Percolate, a startup put up a video about curation that is worth watching. It is an enjoyable video that explains curation in a simple yet articulate manner.