The “sock puppet” scandal: How to stop fake book reviews online

UK thriller author Stephen Leather’s admission that he created fake accounts to review his own books has led to a storm of controversy over bad author behavior and “sock puppet” reviews. Here’s what’s happened so far and how bad author behavior might be fixed.

Publishing is no longer a job or an industry — it’s a button

As author Clay Shirky points out, the simple act of publishing something — whether it’s a book or a news article — doesn’t require an industry any more, just a button. So what do the traditional content-publishing industries do now to justify their continued existence?

Godin to authors: You have no right to make money any more

New tools like the Kindle have led to an explosion of self-published books, but that has meant more competition for existing authors. How do they make money now? Writer Seth Godin says they first have to give up the idea that they deserve to be paid.

Today in Connected Consumer

This week Amazon launched a new feature to allow readers to ask authors questions directly from the Kindle.  The program, called @Author, allows readers to ask questions about specific passages. The program’s been released under beta and only includes certain authors such as John Locke.  I think it’s an interesting idea that could work well with midlist authors who like to “water and feed” their reader communities through social media, but I think its likely to create more noise for popular authors who likely have enough social media interaction to keep up with.