Verizon, Comcast hang up on joint venture plans

It’s increasingly possible for consumers to cobble together the means to do much of what the Verizon-Comcast joint venture was said to be working on for themselves, using off-the-shelf hardware and software.

Sprint leans heavily on Carrier IQ, while AT&T limits use

Though most U.S. operators use Carrier IQ’s handset monitoring software in some form, they’re not all using it to the same degrees. Sprint turns out to be Carrier IQ’s biggest fan, installing its software on half of all devices while AT&T uses it much more sparingly.

Vente Privée’s US launch coming ‘in weeks’

Everyone in flash sales seems to be having problems right now, from Groupon to Gilt. But the new boss of the American spin-off from Europe’s pioneering Vente Privée explains why things will be different for him.