Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so

Searching for a new lease of life, Mozilla is joining forces with Spanish operator Telefónica to build handsets that have web technologies at their heart. But can Mozilla succeed where Palm failed? And is there room in a difficult market for more players?

With webOS put out to pasture, Jon Rubinstein exits HP

Jon Rubinstein, the man who helped oversee Palm’s move to a new webOS operating system and later sold the company to Hewlett Packard, has quietly exited the company. It’s an unsurprising move, but one that further signals the end of the Palm era at HP.

Report: Amazon eyeballs HP’s WebOS

If Amazon ends up buying the WebOS business from Hewlett-Packard, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. HP killed its TouchPad device, said it was seeking options for the operating system, and former WebOS poohbah Jon Rubinstein sits on Amazon’s board.

Ouch: Meet the man who quit Nokia for Palm

Former Nokia executive Ari Jaaski has opened up to a Finnish newspaper about the frustrations that led him to quit last year — but since he jumped ship for greener pastures at Palm, he simply seems to have traded the frying pan for the fire.