Europe warms to OpenStack

It’s hard to precisely quantify adoption of open-source software, but it looks like OpenStack is gaining serious traction in Europe, with adopters ranging from CERN and Deutsche Telekom to France’s burgeoning national clouds.

Top 8 questions for the OpenStack Summit

If the OpenStack Summit is anywhere near as dramatic as the events leading up to it, it will be a really good show. As the open-source cloud effort transitions from a Rackspace-dominated move to a true community effort, here are 8 big questions.

OpenStack gets real

The OpenStack Foundation is official as of Wednesday with a new 24-person board, $10 million in funding, 5,600 members, and a mandate to promote flexible open-source cloud infrastructure. Question: Will the foundation echo the success of Eclipse or the failure of OpenOffice?

VMware will have to wait a little longer to join OpenStack

It’s hurry up and wait when it comes to VMware’s bid to become part of OpenStack’s inner circle. Its application for Gold membership status — along with applications from Intel and NEC — will have to wait for the next Open Stack Foundation meeting.

Red Hat, IBM sign on for OpenStack

Two major tech players — IBM and Red Hat — are ready to sign on the dotted line to join OpenStack, sources said. That should go a long way to ease the pain of Citrix’s decision to set up CloudStack as an OpenStack rival.