Has Steve Jobs Chosen His Replacement?

Ever since his very secretive battle with Pancreatic Cancer in 2003-2004, Steve Jobs’ health is consistently under a microscope. Every time Jobs coughs on stage the news media goes crazy with rumors that he might be ill.
Many believe the charismatic leader, who saved Apple from extinction in the 90’s, cannot be replaced. Investors seem to agree. When a hoax news story was posted on a CNN iReport that Steve Jobs had a heart attack, Apple stock fell sharply until it was reported that the story was just a hoax.
Tom Reestman recently argued that Apple would be just fine without Jobs, noting that he has put together a “a crack management team that is executing almost flawlessly.” I agree that Apple’s current senior management team has the experience and creativity to continue producing successful products. But while Apple’s day to day operations would likely run relatively smoothly, their share price would plummet due to speculation and fear.
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Ive + Eve

If that picture from Pixar’s Wall-E looks somewhat familiar in all its white glory, it is because it’s design was developed in part by Apple’s own Jonathon Ive. He was called in as a consultant to the process. Here is an interesting comment from Ive:

I wanted Eve to be high-end technology — no expense spared — and I wanted it to be seamless and for the technology to be sort of hidden and subcutaneous. The more I started describing it, the more I realized I was pretty much describing the Apple playbook for design.

The article also states that Ive was secretive about Apple’s goings-on and would not comment on the future of technology designs. If you want to see more, Wall-E opens on June 27th.

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