founder’s Tasty Labs launches micro-task platform

It is always fun to watch successful founders come back into the startup arena again. Joshua Schachter, who created the social-bookmarking service Delicious, is back with Tasty Labs and today released, a platform for micro-task collaboration. It seems like a good platform for creatives.

Ownlocal scores funds to get small firms online

Even today, millions of American businesses are still offline — a situation that Texas startup Ownlocal is hoping to change, with new money and a fresh plan that could even help prop up embattled media companies along the way.

Oh, Delicious — where did it all go so wrong?

When the social bookmarking service Delicious relaunched, people were concerned that it looked different. But now a litany of serious complaints is emerging: broken services, missing pages, deleted accounts. Were these mistakes deliberate — or just the result of bad planning?

Can Web 2.0 stars get a second chance at success?

Some of Web 2.0’s brightest talents are returning with new projects, from revitalized bookmarking sites to fresh online games. But the challenges they face today are different than back in 2005, because the internet is radically changed — not least because of Facebook. Can they succeed?