Two great examples of how journalism has changed for the better

The power of amateur or “citizen” journalism becomes obvious when you look at two recent examples: one being the tracking of military activity in Ukraine, and the other the effort by residents of one of Rio’s biggest slums to document police violence

David Carr’s death has silenced a unique and powerful voice

David Carr, a former crack cocaine addict who recovered and became the widely celebrated media writer for the New York Times, died Thursday — and with his passing, the world lost a kind and generous man and a powerful media voice

Why we need social media: Press freedom is still declining rapidly

The latest global index from Reporters Without Borders shows that freedom of the press is in decline in a majority of the countries surveyed — including the United States — which makes alternative forms of media such as Twitter more important than ever

Brian Williams was an anachronism even before his memory problems

Some media watchers are wondering whether NBC anchor Brian Williams will be able to regain his position at the pinnacle of the U.S. news business now that he has been caught in a lie — but the reality is he lost that position a long time ago, thanks to the web

Guardian digital editor is right — ending comments is a mistake

Guardian digital editor and former New York Times staffer Aron Pilhofer says media outlets are making a monumental mistake by ending comments, instead of focusing on how they can use them to build a true community and two-way relationship with their readers

BuzzFeed gets serious with editorial standards and ethics guide

In an attempt to hold what was once an experimental viral-content lab to higher standards of conduct, BuzzFeed has published a new comprehensive standards and ethical guidelines document that tells staff what they should and shouldn’t do

The year in media: 12 reasons why we should be optimistic

It’s easy to focus on the negatives in media — the mistakes, the downsizing at traditional journalistic outlets, etc. — but there were plenty of reasons to be optimistic about the media landscape this year, and here are just a few of them