Jumpcut: A Handy Mac Clipboard Buffering Tool

I’ve been using Jumpcut — an open-source Mac clipboard buffering tool that provides access to text that you’ve copied, even if you’ve subsequently copied something else — for a while. It’s super-handy to be able to keep more than one snippet of text in my clipboard.

10 Clipboard Managers for OS X


The clipboard in a modern operating system is one of the most useful and practical tools available. Being able to select some text or images, copy them to the clipboard, and then paste them in other places is indispensable (look at the uproar over the fact that the iPhone OS 1.0 & 2.0 did not support a clipboard to see how valuable it is). You most likely use it without giving it another thought.

The standard clipboard behavior is that when you copy a new item, it replaces the existing item. You can’t go back to the previous item as there is no history of items copied. This is what a Clipboard Manager does, providing a memory and browsing history so you can paste something, and then find it later, even after using the clipboard multiple times.

There are quite a few Clipboard Managers available for OS X, some free, some not. Here’s a quick overview of what is on offer and what they can and can’t do. Read More about 10 Clipboard Managers for OS X

PixelFish Picks Up Eyespot

Video production company PixelFish announced today that it has acquired recently-shut down online video editing/white-label video company Eyespot. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Founded and angel-funded in 2006, the Torrance, Calif.-based PixelFish has 15 employees and is similar to TurnHere, offering to create low-cost video promotions for small and medium-sized businesses that can be distributed to outlets like Yellowbook.

PixelFish VP of Sales and Marketing Stephen Condon told us in a phone interview that assets like Eyespot’s Mixer tool will allow clients to edit video on their own, doing things like swapping out voiceovers. The acquisition also gives PixelFish access to video publishing and transcoding tools, as well as a number of provisional patents for online video technologies.

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JumpCut No Longer Accepting Uploads

Jumpcut, the online video editing service acquired by Yahoo (s YHOO) in 2006, is no longer accepting video uploads to its service. From the Jumpcut upload page:

We’re sorry to announce that we are no longer accepting uploads to Jumpcut.

We will be keeping the Jumpcut site up and running for the foreseeable future so you‘ll still be able to play, remix and share your existing movies – you just won’t be able to upload anything new.

If you’re looking for a place to upload and share your video, we recommend that you head over to Flickr: http://flickr.com/explore/video

Thanks for all of your contributions to the Jumpcut community.

The Jumpcut Team

The main Jumpcut site, however, gives no indication that uploads aren’t being accepted, with messaging on the main Jumpcut site encouraging people to “upload,” “make a movie” and “explore.” The Jumpcut FAQ, meanwhile, includes:

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