Volunteer archivists save big parts of the Justin.tv archive

The recent decision of video streaming website Justin.tv to get rid of its archives and delete countless videos hosted on its website prompted the digital archivists of the Archive Team┬áinto action: Wirth the help of a number of volunteers, the Archive Team managed to download all Justin.tv videos with more than 10 views, totaling 10TB in archived video content, according to a tweet by Textfiles.com founder Jason Scott. The team apparently also considered to download videos with fewer views, but that would have brought the total amount of data to be saved to 1.1 petabyte – which may explain why Justin.tv decided to get rid of the archives in the first place.

The Chris Gethard Show blends public access and alt comedy

Thanks to public access television, comedian Chris Gethard has found a way to bring the New York alt comedy scene to the web with The Chris Gethard Show, one of the strangest and funniest interactive talk shows you’ll ever see.

TwitchTV launches an iPhone app for gaming fans on the go

TwitchTV has introduced a new way for video gaming fans to watch live streams of matches on the go, with the launch of an iPhone app. The app gives users HD video as well as the ability to follow favorite channels and chat with other fans.

Twitvid raises $6.5M to boost video on Twitter

Twitvid has raised a Series B of $6.5 million and plans to use the money to hire more people and build out its infrastructure. The company has managed to stick around while others gave up. But can it compete with a likely video play from Twitter?

Dyyno’s over-the-top broadcasting by the numbers

What’s Dyyno been up to? It has signed up broadcasters for its spiffy Dyyno Universal Broadcaster; that’s what! dUb lets anyone begin streaming live events and more than three-quarters of those users have broadcast at least once.

Why Justin.tv set Socialcam free

Socialcam was always a departure from Justin.tv’s live streaming business. After all, Socialcam is all about capturing videos and sharing them with friends later. Still, it was surprising to learn that the Socialcam app would be spinning out of Justin.tv and going it alone.

Socialcam hits 1M downloads, makes it easier to find friends

Justin.tv’s Socialcam has notched a million downloads on the Apple App Store. But it isn’t stopping there — recent releases are aimed at making it easier for users to login, find friends within the app and share videos to even more possible distribution points.

Vibop: Shoot, edit and share videos on the iPhone

The latest mobile app to enter the social-video-sharing fray is Vibop, which makes it drop-dead simple to polish your videos and add effects before sharing them with friends. The app is free to download and plans to make money by selling effects in-app.