Video gamers: the secret stars of live streaming

Forget live music: One of the hottest trends in live streaming is competitive gaming, also known as e-sports. Gaming competitions attract hundreds of thousands of simultaneous viewers, and the events are streamed online by a number of sites that specifically cater to gamers and their fans. launches TwitchTV for live streamed video gaming has attracted tons of video gamers to the site, to broadcast and watch live streams of professional video gamers battle it out online. With that in mind, is launching TwitchTV, a new brand and site devoted entirely to live streams of video games.

Vidpresso Wants to Sync Your Videos and Presentations Online

Video presentations on the web typically focus either on the speaker or the slides, but very few applications do a good job of displaying both. Vidpresso hopes to change that, by giving users a way to match up slide presentations with videos that are already online.

BlipSnips iPhone App Makes Sharing Mobile Video Social

BlipSnips introduced the latest version of its iPhone app, which adds new features to sharing mobile videos on social networks. That includes geolocation support and the ability to tag your friends within the timeline of a video, and link comments to action while it is happening.

YouTube Gets Into the Live Streaming Game

After months of testing, YouTube is rolling out a new live streaming platform for its partners. With the launch of the new service, YouTube will finally be going up against Ustream, and Livestream, seeking to become the king of live events on the web.

Vlix iPhone App: Social Sharing, Video Editing & Effects

There’s a new iPhone app that hopes to combine the best social sharing features with in-app video editing, enabling users to add effects to their videos the The app, called Vlix, was created by SpotMixer and is pending approval for release on the Apple App Store.

Can’s Socialcam Become the Instagram of Video? has made a name for itself by providing a simple platform for live streaming video online and to mobile phones. But now it’s releasing a mobile app called Socialcam that isn’t about live experiences at all, but about sharing on-demand video streams with friends.

UFC Takes to Court Over Pirated MMA Streams

The Ulitmate Fighting Championship (UFC) has long struggled to battle piracy of its pay-per-view events. It’s stepping up that fight by taking live streaming firm to court for copyright infringement, but it’s doing so after it has used’s takedown tools and fingerprinting technology.

90% Of’s Mobile Streams Watched On Demand has seen a bump in usage since releasing mobile apps for broadcasting live streams from iPhone and Android devices. But surprisingly enough, not all those views happen in real-time; in fact, the vast majority of its “live” mobile streams are watched on demand.

Vid-Biz: Fox-Cablevision,, CableCARD

Today on the Net: the FCC proposed arbitration in the Fox-Cablevision retrans dispute, but Fox has declined, continues to grow UGC traffic despite the loss of business development execs and the FCC ordered some CableCARD reform that comes up short.