Greenplum and Kaggle launch big data matchmaking service

EMC’s Greenplum division hopes to encourage users of its Chorus big data application to reach out to the Kaggle community of data scientists to do real-world work. The company also inked partnerships with Gnip and Tableau and open-sourced a version of Chorus.

NASA tries to free creativity with Big Data Challenge

NASA and a couple other government agencies have kicked off a series of TopCoder challenges designed to find innovative solutions to the government’s big data problems. The first contest is all about making disparate, incompatible data sets usable and actually valuable across agencies.

Forget your fancy data science, try overkill analytics

Carter S. won his first-ever Kaggle competition — our own GigaOM WordPress Challenge — using a brute force method of data science he calls overkill analytics. Rather than spend untold hours perfecting complex models, Carter used simple algorithms and let powerful microprocessors do the rest.

Can Kaggle make data science a spectator sport?

Data science competition platform Kaggle is opening up the leaderboards for its invitation-only private competitions, meaning anyone can watch and see how the world’s best data scientists are faring in these special challenges. Can data science actually become a spectator sport in the analytics community?

GigaOM Data Challenge: Predict which stories get read, win $10K

In publishing, there’s a constant struggle to determine who’ll read what posts, what the ideal headline might is and when is the best time to publish. GigaOM is teaming with Splunk to find some answers via a Kaggle competition worth a total of $25,000 in prizes.