Fisker puts U.S. workers on temporary leave

Fisker doesn’t seem to have nailed an investment partner or acquirer after months of discussions, so is now cutting costs and has placed its U.S. workers on temporary unpaid leave.

Fisker keeps on raising funds

Electric car maker Fisker Automotive has managed to raise $100 million of its planned $150 million round, bringing the company’s funds to a eye brow raising $1.2 billion. Advanced Equities led the fund raise.

Fisker electric Karma was pushed to market before it was ready

Updated: Electric car startup Fisker Automotive pushed its long-delayed inaugural electric car to market before it was market-ready in order to try to meet government milestones, according to a former Fisker employee that left the company.

Karma lets you send gifts by phone to Facebook friends

A new app from the founders of Tapjoy is emerging to combine mobile and social commerce on iOS and Android devices. The app, called Karma, makes gifting to friends a breeze, by integrating with a user’s social graph on Facebook and suggesting gifts for them.

Fisker recalls electric cars again, due to software glitch

Updated. Electric car maker Fisker Automotive issued its second recall of its inaugural car the Karma, this time due to a software malfunction that affected its entertainment and navigation systems, reports Hybridcars. Fisker will also temporarily halt sales of the Karma until the problem is fixed.