Hadoop analytics startup Karmasphere sells itself to FICO

Hadoop startup Karmasphere, which launched in 2010, has sold its intellectual property to credit-scoring specialist FICO. Karmasphere appears to have been struggling for adoption and funding, so selling its assets was not an unforeseen turn of events.

Meet the startups making machine learning an elementary affair

The choices are getting a lot better for businesses that want out-of-the-box functionality for machine learning, predictive analytics and general data science. Prepackaged software might not make your company into Google, but a step closer is a step in the right direction.

Survey: Hadoop clusters not that big, not changing the world (yet)

The results of a recently released survey from Hadoop-focused startup Karmasphere show that while Hadoop use is picking up among mainstream (read “non-web”) companies, it’s still far from the all-powerful and ubiquitous insight engine its supporters (myself included) believe it will become.

Is 2013 the year Hadoop uptake turns into a ‘tornado’?

Karmasphere CEO Gail Ennis told me recently she thinks “2013 is going to be the year when we see [Hadoop adoption] go a lot more mainstream and [turn] into a tornado.” I like the prediction, as much for its imagery as for its near-term certainty.

What it really means when someone says ‘Hadoop’

Hadoop features front and center in the discussion of how to implement a big data strategy, one of the biggest trends in IT. There’s just one problem that keeps cropping up: many people don’t seem to know exactly what it means when somebody says “Hadoop.”

6 reasons why 2012 could be the year of Hadoop

Hadoop gets plenty of attention from investors and the IT press, but it’s very possible we haven’t seen anything yet. All the action of the last year has just been setting the stage for what should be a big year.

So much Hadoop in so many places

Save for Hortonworks’ foray into the product space, none of today’s myriad Hadoop announcements are particularly earth-shaking, but they’re very meaningful when taken as a whole. They’re part of a larger trend in which anyone with a data-driven business has a Hadoop story to tell customers.

Hadoop app specialist Karmasphere scores $6M

Karmasphere, a Cupertino, Calif.-based startup focusing on helping analysts write better big data applications, has raised $6 million in a Series B round. That brings the announced VC investment in Hadoop to more than $30 million in the last 30 days.

Karmasphere pushes new big data workflow

Hadoop is all the rage in analytics, but it still isn’t easy for mere mortals to utilize the big data framework. A handful of companies are trying to solve this problem, including Karmasphere with the latest version of its Analyst Big Data product.