Why Niklas Zennstrom thinks Brazil’s startups are hot

Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype and Kazaa and the founding partner of investment firm Atomico, tells me that he’s been spending a significant amount of time in Brazil looking for and meeting with Brazilian entrepreneurs.

Music biz loses court case against P2P developer

KaZaA, Napster, LimeWire & Co. all have been sued out of existence in the U.S., but Spain’s Blubster and Piolet music swapping apps prevailed in court today. Pablo Soto, who developed both file sharing applications, can’t be held liable for copyright infringement, a local court found.

Former iPlayer Head Targets iPads With Stealth TV Startup

The BBC’s former iPlayer head Anthony Rose wants to use iPads and other mobile devices to get around some of the restrictions of traditional connected devices. His new startup tBone TV wants to develop a platform that turns broadcast television into a two-way experience.

KaZaA’s Comeback? Yeah, Right.

header_logoUpdated with comment from KaZaA: KaZaA, whose once-popular file-sharing service was shut down in 2006 as part of a settlement with the music industry, is back in the headlines. Now it’s said to be launching a web-based legal music download service with the support of all four major labels. Sounds like a great story, especially in light of The Pirate Bay’s efforts to go legit. If only it were true. Read More about KaZaA’s Comeback? Yeah, Right.